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Included with Google Ads Management:

Dedicated Account Manager

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Account Audit


Campaign Creation


Google Partner


Ongoing Optimisation


Here’s what comes with EVERY Account:

…and they actually come as standard! No cross-sells or additional fees…

Account Audit & Campaign Creation

I've carried out many account audits so can dive headfirst into the account to see what worked and what didn’t!

From there, I can create brand new campaigns designed to get you high value clicks and conversions.

Ad Copy that Converts

I’ve run over a THOUSAND ads…so I know the copy that’s going to attract the most qualified clicks.

Whether you’re targeting a plumber in Preston or a Doctor in Dover – my proven ad creative is going to catch their attention.

Heatmaps & Split Testing

Heatmaps come standard on ALL landing pages!

I install heatmaps on every landing page so you can understand how the traffic is interacting with the page.

I’ll also run split tests on the page, free of charge, to make sure you’re getting more leads and sales without an increase in ad spend.

Ongoing Optimization

PPC is NOT set and forget!

I've analysed a LOT of campaigns and can quickly spot opportunities and weaknesses. I'll have my hands on your accounts with new optimisations and rollouts happening weekly, twice weekly or monthly depending on your plan.

Monthly Performance Reports

At the start of each month, I will send you a detailed account of the last month’s performance including:

Become A Jerweejee Partner

Recruiting, hiring and training new in-house staff is not only expensive but can become a disaster if you end up hiring the wrong people. You can rest assured that your client’s Google Ads campaigns are always in good hands when utilizing my services.

With the competition increasingly growing among internet marketing agencies and companies, it’s imperative that you only partner with a proven PPC reseller who can exhibit results in some of the most competitive paid search spaces online. I’ve successfully gone toe to toe with industry giants with my own  clients, on a fraction of their budget!

Working with me delivers the best of both worlds:

As a result, your business gets the full credit and benefits of running your clients’ paid search campaigns successfully and generating steady leads, sales, and RESULTS.

What to expect when you sign up

Once you’re accepted, here’s how we get your 1st campaign set up & ready to go.

Leave the work to us.

Google Certified

I am fully certified in both Google Ads. I also take continuing education courses so I am always up to date on the latest search strategies & tactics. Your campaigns are in good hands!

Google Ads Freelancer

Conversion Focused

There’s a reason I am one the bet white label PPC providers. My clients’ campaigns typically convert at 15% to 25% or more in most cases, while the industry average is anywhere from 5%-12% (my competitors). Simply put, I’ll send your clients more leads.

Customised Reporting

I set up customized, branded reports on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. I can send the report to you, or I can send it directly to your client. Either way, the report is branded to YOUR agency and the end client will never know I even exist.

Take your business to the next level with a marketing agency that actually delivers.

Campaigns I Run


So, How Does It All Work?

When you work with me, your business gets recognised for running successful paid search campaigns. I’ll do all the work to generate a steady stream of leads and stellar results. You take all the credit!

Once you talk with us you’ll realise we aren’t like the rest. Our on-board process is the fastest in the industry, HANDS DOWN. We can go from signup, to full campaign build (with custom landing page) within 1-3 days.

Your clients will never know I am managing anything. I simply link your MCC inside of mine (takes 3 minutes to do) and we’re ready to go. As far as your clients are concerned your agency is managing/optimizing their campaigns.

It’s important that your client’s campaign(s) are being worked on and further optimized regularly. I optimise all campaigns on a weekly basis, be-weekly or monthly basis depending on your plan.

Without knowing what keywords are turning into leads (contact forms & phone calls) and which are wasting money it’s impossible to optimise a campaign. I will handle setting up all of the conversion & call tracking up for you.

If your client’s website is NOT set up for lead capture, they will most definitely need to have a landing page created to pump their conversion rates up over the 20% range. For a small fee (ridiculously small compared to our competitors), I can do this for you and then you just up-charge your client for a healthy profit.

You or your clients can be set up on weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly reporting COMPLETELY branded to your agency. Each report will contain the client’s core KPI statistics and also compare the statistics to the previous period’s report.


Google Ads Management
Checked Monthly
Full Campaign Set Up / Review
Keyword Review
Ad Review
Quality Score (Keywords & Ads)
Bid Optimisation – Audience & Demographic Targeting
Conversion Action Checks
Location Targeting
Campaign Goal Settings
Quality Control
Recommendations Tab
Detailed Monthly Report
Get Started!
Google Ads Management
Checked Every 2 Weeks
Full Campaign Set Up / Review
Keyword Review
Ad Review
Quality Score (Keywords & Ads)
Bid Optimisation – Audience & Demographic Targeting
Conversion Action Checks
Location Targeting
Campaign Goal Settings
Quality Control
Recommendations Tab
Detailed Monthly Report
Get Started!
Google Ads Management
Checked Every Week
Full Campaign Set Up / Review
Keyword Review
Ad Review
Quality Score (Keywords & Ads)
Bid Optimisation – Audience & Demographic Targeting
Conversion Action Checks
Location Targeting
Campaign Goal Settings
Quality Control
Recommendations Tab
Detailed Monthly Report
Get Started!


Click each arrow below for a detailed breakdown of each account activity carried out.

1. FREE Account Analysis Worth £99

Get a free and detailed review of your Google Ads campaign to see what’s been missed and how you can improve.

2. Keyword Search Review

Search Term Audit (add extra negative KWs)

  • add extra negative KWs to stop unrelated searches
  • add extra long tail search terms
Identify keywords that are not performing well.

  • Keywords with a high CPC compared to the account average
  • Keywords which have a high cost per conversion compared to the account average
  • Keywords with a status warning (low search volume, below first page bid, rareley shown due to low quality score)
Review match types

  • Are there keywords which can be added as phrase or exact match
Auction Insights Report

  • Are there new competitors or have competitors increased their spend
Keyword status

  • Do any keywords have a ‘below first page bid estimate’ warning
  • Do any keywords have a ‘rarely shown due to low quality score’ warning
  • Do any keywords have a ‘low search volume’ warning

3. Ad Review

Review Ads by Ad Group

  • Identify Ads with poor performance by conversion rate
  • Identify Ads with poor performance by low quality score
  • Identify Ads with poor performance by low CTR
  • Review Ad Strength: Add or update until we get a Good or Excellent score
Complete Ad Copy Spilt Testing

  • Testing the best performing headlines & descriptions and the best positions for headlines & descriptions
Landing Page Review

  • Are different landing pages performing better in terms of conversion rate
  • check all landing pages to make sure that are URLs are working and that Google Ads is not disapproving any ads due to 404s, slow page load times etc
Ad Copy Warnings

  • check all ads to make sure that google ads has not applied any limited approvals, which could be affecting the visibility of the ad
  • have any ads been disapproved. If so, make changes and re-submit ads
Ad Extensions Check & Recommendations

  • sitelink extensions
  • callout extensions
  • structured snippet extension
  • call extension
  • lead form extension
  • location extensions (GMB linking)
  • affiliate location extensions
  • price extension
  • promotion extension
  • image extensions

4. Quality Score (keywords & ads)

  • Identify Keywords and Ads that have a low Quality score.
  • changes to ad copy to help with KW targeting and quality score
  • landing page updates to help with KW targeting
  • Google Analytics checks to review bounce rate and average session time/

5. Bid Optimisation – Audience & Demographic Targeting

Search for possible bid optimisations to improve performance, under dimensions:

  • Hour of the day / Day of the week
  • Demographics by: age, gender, income, location
  • Audiences
  • Review new potential new audiences to add

6. Conversion Action Checks

  • Are all conversion actions working
  • If tracking phone calls, review the call extension report

7. Location Targeting

  • Identity searches from non targeted location (and exclude locations)
  •  Review location performance and add bid optimisations (if required)

8. Campaign Goal Settings

Is current campaign goal still the best option

  •  For CPA Goal: is this higher than the current performance. (If actual CPA is lower than CPA goal the CPA goal should be reduced)
  • Has your number of conversions stalled. (if no other reason can be found test another campaign goal)

9. Quality Control

  • Budget pacing checks
  • Payment & Account budgets

10. Recommendations Tab

  • Review system generated recommendations and implement or reject

11. FREE Monthly Report

  • Detailed report of the previous month’s performance.

Take your business to the next level with a marketing agency that actually delivers.

Established White Label PPC Agency

Since I work with a very broad range of businesses which include SEO companies, digital agencies, website developers, ad agencies and a variety of different types of consultants, you can count on me to find you the right custom approach that suits the needs of your business and your clients.

When you outsource PPC management to me I handle everything from account creation, set-up, ad copywriting, optimisation, landing page advice, conversion tracking, reporting, etc.

I’m a Google Ads specialist, paid search and conversion rate optimization is all that I do. My service can save your business thousands of pounds by helping you avoid hiring and training in-house paid search staff while also increasing your margins. Even if your business already has an in-house PPC team, please consider me as your ‘on call’ PPC overflow team. I’m here for you whenever your in-house team has too much work to handle!

Why Agencies Partner With Me

I want you to do what you do best, sell your digital services. I’ll simply provide you a completely hands off solution to add an additional RECURRING revenue stream to your business by adding PPC management to the list of services you provide. No need to go through the headaches, high costs and risk of hiring in-house employees, training them, etc. I already have everything systemised and ready to go for you.

I make it easy for you to confidently sell top tier PPC services.

All-Inclusive Pricing

Simple to understand, two tier pricing structure. Leaves you plenty of margin to make a nice healthy profit on-top of our fee.


I will have zero contact with your client as a separate company. Nobody will ever know that I am managing your clients’ paid search campaigns.

Account Ownership

You keep all the data, creatives, ad copy, campaigns, and everything. We won’t just show you some dashboard and then lock you out if you leave.

In-House Support

From providing sales & marketing support to helping with client questions, I’m with you every step of the way. Send an email or give me a call.

Take your business to the next level with a marketing agency that actually delivers.

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When I say immediate I mean, as soon as we turned on our campaign, immediate. Their pricing is ridiculously low for what they brings to the table. My phone is ringing!

My sales are doubling! Thank you!!

David Larsen

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We believe that the world runs on small businesses – and we’re dedicated to their success. Our team has helped over 1,250 local businesses grow and we’re just getting started!

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