Ad Review

Review Ads by Ad Group

  • Identify Ads with poor performance by conversion rate
  • Identify Ads with poor performance by low quality score
  • Identify Ads with poor performance by low CTR
  • Review Ad Strength: Add or update until we get a Good or Excellent score

Complete Ad Copy Spilt Testing

  • Testing the best performing headlines & descriptions and the best positions for headlines & descriptions

Landing Page Review

  • Are different landing pages performing better in terms of conversion rate
  • check all landing pages to make sure that are URLs are working and that Google Ads is not disapproving any ads due to 404s, slow page load times etc

Ad Copy Warnings

  • check all ads to make sure that google ads has not applied any limited approvals, which could be affecting the visibility of the ad
  • have any ads been disapproved. If so, make changes and re-submit ads

Ad Extensions Check & Recommendations

  • sitelink extensions
  • callout extensions
  • structured snippet extension
  • call extension
  • lead form extension
  • location extensions (GMB linking)
  • affiliate location extensions
  • price extension
  • promotion extension
  • image extensions

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